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In our eyes, Ragdolls are the “Purfect” companion pet with their well-known docile and affectionate personality along with their breath-taking elegant and beautiful appearance. We take breeding very seriously and take pride of every kitten that is born in our cattery. We devoted ourselves to be part of the community which preserves, maintains and improves the Ragdoll breed. We are dedicated to breed towards the Ragdoll standard by carefully selecting our breeding cats, learning about their bloodlines, and working hard to improve our future generations. 

Ragdoll is a blue-eyed, pointed breed as per the written standard since the Ragdoll breed has been accepted for Championship status by major associations (e.g., TICA, CFA and more). As such, we do not work with minks, sepias, and solids, nor breeders who work with these colors, as these are unaccepted colors for Ragdolls.

We focus on three main areas in breeding – health, temperament and type as described below. Please also note that we are a closed cattery, meaning we do not allow visitors at all time to minimize the risk of introducing viruses and germs to our cats. You are more than welcome to meet us and some of our cats at cat shows.

Health is our No. 1 Priority

We make no compromises when it comes to health, and make every effort to perform various preventive and detective measurements on our cats and kittens to ensure they are in their best health. All breeding cats are DNA tested for 50 genetic mutations / diseases (including breed-specific diseases, such as HCM-RD & PKD) prior to joining our breeding program. They also receive periodic health testing (e.g., FIV, FeLV, echocardiography, bloodwork, fecal test, etc.). We always prefer to give sufficient time for our breeding queens to recover from their pregnancies before next breeding.

Exceptional Temperament

Ragdolls are cats with puppy-like personalities that are docile, relaxed and affectionate. Researches have proven that both genetics and upbringing affect a kitten’s personality. When hand-picking our breeding cats, we specifically look for kitties with such personality conforming to the Ragdoll characteristics. All of our kittens experience human interaction at an early age, and they are well-socialized prior to joining their furever homes.

Appearance / Type – The Beauty of Ragdolls

Ragdolls symbolize the purfect combination of elegance & sweetness, and this is how we envision how a Ragdoll should be. We are proud to be part of the community which dedicate to preserve the traditional ragdolls – ragdolls with non-matting silky soft coat, large torso with heavy boning, correct & well-balanced features, etc.. Although not all beautiful cats look exactly the same, there are certain desirable traits to look for in a Ragdoll cat. We strictly follow the TICA Ragdoll Standard > in that manner, which was also used when determining the quality & price of each kitten. Our cats frequently attend competitive cat shows receiving recognition & awards from international judges, as evidence of the quality of our breeding program.

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