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>> We understand it is a big decision when it comes to adopting a new fur-baby, so we encourage adopters take a thorough read-through of our website (specifically this page), and ask as many questions as possible throughout the adoption process. Feel free to CONTACT US > via email or direct messages on social media. 

>> Please read the Adoption FAQs section (scroll to the bottom of this page) for some commonly asked questions.

>> If by all means possible, choose to only work with reputable breeders who invest their time, money and effort into showing their cats, and breed to better the breed instead of purely producing subpar kittens for cash. It takes YEARS of practical showing experience for breeders to have a good grasp of the breed standard. It doesn’t simply come with merely memorization or direct quoting from the breed standard. Health and socialization are fundamental requirements. What sets breeders apart is the quality of their cats. When spending a good fortune on cats, make sure the cat/kitten you received is closely aligned with the breed standard, in terms of both type & temperament.

>> Make sure the breeder you work with is a real person with real cats. Often times scammers will steal pictures from other breeders. Feel free to ask us for proof.



>> Check our AVAILABLE KITTENS PAGE > for available kittens & upcoming breeding plan.

>> Submit ADOPTION FORM > to express interest in adopting kitten from us. We will review & contact you within 72 hours.


Priority Waitlist:
>> Our waitlist works on a first-come-first-serve basis. The order to reserve kittens goes by the order of deposit received. 

>> As our kittens go fast, kittens are often reserved by adopters on our waitlist before they are made available to the public. Don’t wait until your favorite baby is gone! 

To Join our Waitlist:
>> Non-Refundable Waitlist Fee: $500 (credit towards kitten adoption fee)

(0 – 2 MONTHS)

>> Our main focus at this time is to raise the kittens properly to make sure they are thriving.

>> Kitten updates will be shared on social media at approximately 2 months old.

>> Please note that not all kittens will eventually become available. The paid waitlist fee secure a spot for you on our waitlist to select kitten(s) when they become available. A kitten will be officially reserved by an adopter only when a reservation fee is received. Reservation of specific kitten will happen in Step 4. 

(3 – 4 MONTHS)

1st to Reserve – Priority Waitlist:
The order goes by the order deposit received in Step 2. If you do not find your loved kitten, you position on waitlist will remain for future litters.


2nd to Reserve – Public: 
>> Any remaining available kittens will be shown on our website / social media marked as “Available / Looking for New Home“, and open to the public for reservation.

To Reserve a Kitten:
>> Reservation Fee: $500 (waitlist) or $1000 (non-waitlist)
>> Reservation fee is non-refundable, but is credited towards the kitten adoption fee.
>> Sign our Kitten Contract

(4 – 5 MONTHS)

>> Immediately after kitten reservation, we will decide the pick-up method (see below for options).

>> Preparation list will be shared with adopters. See KITTEN SUPPLIES PAGE > for item recommendation (NOTE: Please follow our guidance for kitten’s current diet).

>> After kitten’s spay/neuter surgery, we will schedule a pick-up date/time.

>> Remaining balance (i.e., Kitten Adoption Fee – Deposit Paid) will be due 72 hours prior to kitten going home. Adopters can opt to pay cash when picking up kitten in person. Please notify us if you prefer cash payment.



>> All Pet & Show/Alter quality kittens must be spayed / neutered prior to going home.
>> All kittens / cats must not be declawed.
>> All kittens / cats must not be allowed to roam freely outdoor.
>> All kittens / cats must not be caged.
>> All kittens / cats must not be abandoned / resold / traded / given away.
We reserve the right to refuse the sale / placement of kitten / cat at any point in time.

>> Pet Quality Kitten: $3000 – $3900
     Pet Quality Kittens may not be perfectly marked, and not good enough to become Show Quality.

>> Show/Alter Quality Kitten: $4000+
     Show/Alter Quality Kittens are nearly perfectly marked or perfectly marked with more desirable features and better type that are as closely aligned with the TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard as possible.
     Show Quality Kittens come with showing right, but showing is not required. 

>> Retired Adult: $2000+

>> Each kitten is individually priced based on their overall quality. All prices are final.

>> What is Included?
     ① TICA Registration Paper
     ② Age-appropriate FVRCP Vaccinations
     ③ Dewormed & Parasite Prevention
     ④ Spay / Neuter Surgery
     ⑤ Microchipped
     ⑥ 2-year Health Guarantee against Genetic Diseases
     ⑦ Parents’ DNA Test Results
     ⑧ 30-Day Complimentary Pet Insurance Coverage
     ⑨ Show bath + Nail Trimmed
      Litter Box Trained & Well-Socialized
      Starter Kits & Kitten Care Tips  
     ⑫ Lifetime Breeder Support


>> Free of charge

>> We offer complimentary delivery to all 5 boroughs in New York City and part of Long Island and New Jersey, to avoid risk of exposure to contagious diseases through public transportation. 
>> If you are outside of the above-mentioned areas, we sometimes can provide delivery service upon request. It will be at an additional cost to the adopter, based on the distance and driving time. Adopter will have to live within a reasonable distance from us.

>> If you do not live within a drivable distance from us, but want to pick up your kitten in person, we can meet you at the JFK (Queens, NY) / EWR (Newark, NJ) /LAG (Queens, NY) Airport for free of charge. We only allow our kittens to fly in cabin as this is a much less stressful option comparing to flying in cargo space, especially when kitten is at his/her very young age. Your kitten will come with an airline-approved pet carrier. You will need to book a flight ticket for your new kitten on top of yours. The one-way in-cabin flight ticket for pets is usually $125 or so, depending on the airline of your choice.

>> Please notify us as soon as possible if this is your preferred pick-up method, so we can make arrangement accordingly. Please also note that the cost of hiring a pet nanny to fly with kitten in cabin and hand deliver your kitten to your home airport will cost approximately $550 for domestic flights, at adopter’s expense.


For the sake of the welbeing and safety of our cats, we are a closed cattery meaning we do not allow visitors at all times, to minimize the risk of introducing viruses and bacteria to our cats, especially the younger ones. 

You are more than welcome to meet us and some of our cats at cat shows.

When adopting a purebred Ragdoll, we want a Ragdoll that’s a decent representation of the breed. Each breed has its own breed standard to follow in order to have a unique “look”  and set of traits to differentiate one breed from others. It takes years of practical showing experience for breeders to have a good grasp of the breed standard, before they can gauge the nuances between pet and show quality cats, and predict show performance. Merely memorizing/quoting the breed standard does not do the trick. Show quality does not simply mean perfect markings. There are more go into it – the structure, overall balance, coat texture and temperament are some other factors that determine the overall quality of a Ragdoll.

Besides health, we first breed for temperament before type (appearance). We are firm believer of cat show being the best way to test their temperament where the cats are placed in a new environment, handled by strangers (i.e., the judges), seeing and smelling other cats. When cats can handle or even enjoy cat shows, they are less prone to stress when experiencing environmental changes. Such quality can easily pass onto their offsprings that helps them adapt to new homes with new human and furry family members. A cat can be as sweet as it can be at home, but they might not be a good show cat for this exact reason. It is, in fact, very dangerous for cats to not being able to handle stress, as it can lead to horrible diseases such as FIP and more.

We take breeding very seriously, and pride ourselves for breeding as close to the breed standard as possible, in terms of both type and temperament. Our Ragdolls frequently attend competitive cat shows receiving professional recognition, as an evidence of the quality of our breeding program, so pet families can adopt with confidence.

No. All our pet or show/alter quality kittens when sold without breeding rights MUST be spayed/neutered prior to going home. Numerous professional researches, studies and trials have been done over the years evidencing kittens can be spayed/neutered as young as 8 weeks of age without affecting growth. In fact, when spay/neuter surgery is done at a younger age, it is easier on the kittens to “bounce back” when the surgery is done properly by an experienced ESN veterinarian. We often spay/neuter our pet kittens at around 3-4 months old when they are in good size, and they usually recover quickly without issues.

Cats can reach sexual maturity as young as 4 months old which can cause unwanted behaviors such as spraying, yowling, trying to escape the house to mate, etc.. Unwanted behavior is one of the major reasons of pet abandonment, and this is the last thing we want to see in our kitties. Temperament can also be affected by the level of hormones the cat is experiencing, making them territorial and possibly aggressive towards other whole cats. Early spay/neuter is also a solution to reduce the risk of reproductive diseases that can associated with a high price tag of treatment cost. 

If interested to learn more, feel free to reach out to us.

Short Answer: No. Unfortunately, not all Ragdolls are made the same. While upbringing and socialization are crucial to the kitten’s temperament, genetics actually plays a much bigger role in temperament. Kittens often inherit their temperament from their parents, so ideally speaking, if at least one of the parents have the care-free personality, it will most likely pass onto their kittens which makes them better pets.

The beauty in cats is not solely determined by perfect markings. In our eyes, beautiful Ragdolls have a balanced structure that fits within the breed standard. All kittens are carefully evaluated for their type and temperament based on the TICA Ragdoll Standard >. While all blue-eyed, pointed Ragdolls with proper registration can be shown for championship status, we classify our Ragdolls based on the likelihood of doing well at cat shows. 

We make no compromises when it comes to health, and make every effort to perform various preventive and detective measurements on our cats and kittens to ensure they are in their best health. All breeding cats are DNA tested for 50 genetic mutations / diseases (including breed-specific diseases, such as HCM-RD & PKD) through Optimal Selection prior to joining our breeding program. They also receive periodic health testing (e.g., FIV, FeLV, echocardiography, bloodwork, fecal test, etc.).

Kitten Parents’ DNA test results will be shared with their new families.

The authentic Ragdolls have semi-long fur with the signature silky coat texture that is low maintenance. They do shed especially during change of season, and they are NOT hypoallergenic. 

It is a myth that boys are more outgoing while girls are more lay-back. We have opposite experience as well. Spayed/Neutered boys and girls are more or less the same as their behaviors are not influenced by their sexual hormones. From our experience, the personality difference varies among individual  cats, rather than solely influenced by gender.

(within driving distance from Long Island,
Upstate NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, MD, DE & VA)

cannot pick up your kitten in person.
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