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>> We understand it is a big decision when it comes to adopting a new fur-baby, so we encourage adopters to ask as many questions as possible throughout the adoption process. Feel free to CONTACT US > via email or direct messages on social media. 

>> If by all means possible, choose to only work with reputable breeders who invest their time, money and effort into showing their cats, and breed to better the breed instead of purely producing subpar kittens for cash. Health and socialization are fundamental requirements. What sets breeders apart is the quality of their cats. When spending a good fortune on cats, make sure the cat/kitten you received is closely aligned with the breed standard, in terms of both type & temperament.

>> Make sure the breeder you work with is a real person with real cats. Often times scammers will steal pictures from other breeders. Feel free to ask us for proof.



>> Check our AVAILABLE KITTENS PAGE > for available kittens & upcoming breeding plan.

>> Submit ADOPTION FORM > to express interest in adopting kitten from us. We will review & contact you within 72 hours.


Priority Waitlist:
>> Our waitlist works on a first-come-first-serve basis. The order to reserve kittens goes by the order of deposit received. 

>> As our kittens go fast, kittens are often reserved by adopters on our waitlist before they are made available to the public. Don’t wait until your favorite baby is gone! 

To Join our Waitlist:
>> Non-Refundable Waitlist Fee: $500 (credit towards kitten fee)


>> Birth announcement and kitten updates are shared with adopters on our waitlist.

(3 – 4 MONTHS)

1st to Reserve – Priority Waitlist:
The order goes by the order deposit received in Step Two. If you do not find your loved kitten, you position on waitlist will remain for future litters.


2nd to Reserve – Public: 
>> Any remaining available kittens will be shown on our website / social media, and open to the public for reservation.

To Reserve a Kitten:
>> Reservation Fee: $500 (waitlist) or $1000 (non-waitlist)
>> Reservation fee is non-refundable, but is credited towards the total adoption fee.
>> Sign our Kitten Contract

(4 – 5 MONTHS)

>> Immediately after kitten reservation, we will decide the pick-up method (see below for options).

>> Preparation list will be shared with adopters. See KITTEN SUPPLIES PAGE > for item recommendation (NOTE: Please follow our guidance for kitten’s current diet).

>> After kitten’s spay/neuter surgery, we will schedule a pick-up date/time.

>> Remaining balance (i.e., Kitten Fee – Deposit Paid) will be due 48 hours prior to kitten going home. Adopters can opt to pay cash when picking up kitten in person.



>> Free of charge

>> We sometimes can provide delivery service to adopter’s home upon request. It will be at an additional cost to the adopter, based on the distance and driving time. Adopter will have to live within a reasonable distance from us.

>> If you do not live within a drivable distance from us, but want to pick up your kitten in person, we can meet you at the JFK (Queens, NY) / EWR (Newark, NJ) /LAG (Queens, NY) Airport for free of charge. We only allow our kittens to fly in cabin as this is a much less stressful option comparing to flying in cargo space, especially when kitten is at his/her very young age. You will need to prepare an airline-approved pet carrier, and book a flight ticket for your new kitten on top of yours. The one-way in-cabin flight ticket for pets is usually $125 or so, depending on the airline of your choice.

>> Please notify us as soon as possible if this is your preferred pick-up method, so we can make arrangement accordingly. Please also note that the cost of hiring a pet nanny to fly with kitten in cabin and hand deliver your kitten to your home airport will cost approximately $550 for domestic flights, at adopter’s expense.


>> All Pet & Show/Alter quality kittens must be spayed / neutered prior to going home.
>> All kittens / cats must not be declawed.
>> All kittens / cats must not be allowed to roam freely outdoor.
>> All kittens / cats must not be caged.
>> All kittens / cats must not be abandoned / resold / traded / given away.
We reserve the right to refuse the sale / placement of kitten / scat at any point in time.

>> Pet Quality Kitten: $3000 – $3500
     Pet Quality Kittens may not be perfectly marked, and not good enough to become Show Quality.

>> Show/Alter Quality Kitten: $3500 – $4500
     Show/Alter Quality Kittens are nearly perfectly marked or perfectly marked with more desirable features and better type that are as closely aligned with the TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard as possible..
     Show Quality Kittens come with showing right, but showing is not required. 

>> Retired Adult: $1000+

>> Each kitten is individually priced based on their overall quality. All prices are final.

>> What is Included?
     ① TICA Registration Paper
     ② Age-appropriate FVRCP Vaccinations
     ③ Dewormed & Parasite Prevention
     ④ Spay / Neuter Surgery
     ⑤ Microchipped
     ⑥ 3-year Health Guarantee against Genetic Diseases
     ⑦ 30-Day Complimentary Pet Insurance Coverage
     ⑧ Show bath + Nail Trimmed
      Litter Box Trained & Well-Socialized
     ⑩ Starter Kits & Kitten Care Tips
          – Current Food
          – Sleeping Bed
          – Cat Toys
          – Grooming Kit Set
          – Nutrition Supplement 
     ⑪ Lifetime Breeder Support

(within driving distance from Long Island,
Upstate NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, MD, DE & VA)

cannot pick up your kitten in person.
Contact us for more details

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