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Our breeding philosophy is to breed towards the conformation of the Ragdoll standard. All breeding cats are carefully selected for desired physical features and temperament, and we pair them with the goal to preserve the desirable Ragdoll traits and improve the quality of our future generations.

DNA health screening for 50 genetic diseases (including breed-specific diseases, such as HCM & PKD) and periodic health testings (e.g., FIV/FeLV, echocardiography, bloodwork, fecal test, etc.) are also performed on all breeding cats to ensure all cats & kittens are free of disorders & diseases. 

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IW BW SGC RagPurfect Rise from the Ashes

TICA 2023 – 2024 International Winner (IW)
     19th Best International All-Breed Cat of the Year

TICA 2023 – 2024 Breed Winner (BW)
     World’s No. 1 Ragdoll Cat of the Year

TICA Supreme Grand Champion (SGC)

Blue Point Bicolor

Our favorite picture of our homebred boy, Asher – It fully captures his docile and trusting personality! We had a great year showing Asher and Bennie, and they enjoyed every single moment on the judging table. We never thought of holding back a boy this early until Asher is born. Look-wise, he is a nice blend of his sire and dam picking up quality traits from both. We especially love his silky coat, heavy boning, balanced head type and of course, his sweet expression. Deep down, he’s also the sweetest boy ever who enjoys snuggles and purrs instantly being picked up. We look forward to his kittens in 2024!


CH Mirumkitty Genie in a Bottle

TICA Champion (CH)

Seal Point Bicolor (carrying dilute)

Welcome Genie to the RagPurfect family! Genie came to us as a proven stud when we needed an unrelated male the most. He blends in with other cats right away just like he has been raised here. Genie is a full package – good looking on the outside while having a gentle soul in the inside. Thank you Judit for our handsome Genie!


Adorabledolls Made in Heaven

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor

Introducing the latest addition to the family – Heaven. Heaven is a true sweetheart insider out! He knows no strangers, and gets along with everyone in the house. His favorite activity is cuddling, and enjoys every minute of human attention. It was a pleasure watching him grow into a decent young man. Thank you Carol for our sweet Heaven!



DGC RagPurfect Lavender Haze

TICA Double Grand Champion (DGC)

Seal Point Bicolor (carrying dilute)

At Lavender’s first kitten show, we know she will be staying for sure. She has the purrsonality that we wish to breed towards – the noise, smell, cats and the crowd did not frighten her all her. She was all relaxed and had fun interacting with judges. She loves to be carried with belly up from rings to rings.


RW CH RagPurfect Eternal Flame

TICA 2022 – 2023 Regional Winner (RW)
   15th Best All-Breed Kitten in the NE region
   2nd Best Ragdoll Kitten in the NE region
TICA Champion (CH)

Blue Point Bicolor

Introducing our newest keeper girl, Effie! It has been a pleasure showing Effie in the past show season, and she definitely made it easy on us. She immediately adapted to the showing environment at her first kitten show, and enjoyed every moment on the judging table. Besides her personality, we especially love her silky coat, wide and long body and her fluffy tail. Effie has slowly blossomed into a beautiful young lady! Unfortunately we were only able to show her once in the adult class, where she earned her Champion title.


Ohemgee The Little Mermaid

Blue Tortie Point Bicolor

We are so excited to introduce our newest addition to our breeding crew – Ariel! Ariel has big expressive vibrant blue eyes – picture just doesn’t do her justice! Her loving purrsonality is just the cherry on top. We look forward to some red/cream/tortie babies from Ariel soon. Thank you Courtney for our dear Ariel!


QGC RagPurfect Moonlight Sonata


TICA Quadruple Grand Champion (QGC)

Seal Point Bicolor (carrying dilute)

Sonata is our upcoming breeding queen born in our cattery. She is a true dream-come-true with so many outstanding traits all combined in one cat. We love that she has the “go with the flow” loving personality that make her less prone to stress with an extra dose of floppy sweetness. Unfortunately there were no shows when she was younger so we were only able to show her in a handful of shows as kitten, and she has done amazingly well. 

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