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We recommend you to join our priority waitlist by submitting the Adoption Form > to us, so you can get yourself pre-approved for adoption and be the first to reserve kittens before they are made available to the public. Please visit our Adoption Info Page > to learn more about our Adoption Process, Policies & Pricing.
– This page is constantly updated – 

AVAILABLE KITTENS (3+ Months of Age)

– This is the phase where kitten’s quality is determined after careful evaluation. Kittens below are now available for reservation. –

CURRENT LITTER (0 – 3 Months of Age)

– This is the phase where new born kittens are under constant evaluation for their quality. Many will become available once they reach 10 – 12 weeks old, while some will stay with us. We reserve the right to hold any kittens back for the development of our breeding program. Not all kittens in the litter will eventually become available. – 


– All dates mentioned below are tentative and subject to change due to the uncertain nature of breeding. We will announce kitten birth to our pre-approved adopters, and update this section or move the litter to the above sections along the way. –


Possible Color / Pattern:
Seal Bicolor, Blue Bicolor, Seal Lynx Bicolor & Blue Lynx Bicolor


Possible Color / Pattern:
Seal Bicolor & Blue Bicolor

(within driving distance from Long Island,
Upstate NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, MD, DE & VA)

cannot pick up your kitten in person.
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